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Karen Weinman’s “Impermanent Chair”


Along with Ira Cohen, Fort Worth artist Zelmer Phillips, who died this year, created this portrait of Japanese dance pioneer Ohno Kazuo.

Moore Outsider Art

An avalanche gets too close for comfort to a ski resort in Force Majeure, at the Modern. See Friday.

Night & Day

Michael Mayes’ “Hank Williams Sr.”


According to the Modern, theater influenced a lot of work of '80s artists, including Robert Longo, who photographed his subjects in motion before drawing them.

Urban Theater: Still/Here

Javier Téllez’ “Caligari und der Schlafwandler” (still)


Albrecht Dürer’s “The Nativity” is on display at AMA.

Scenes from the Nativity

Billy Hassell’s “Roadrunner South of Marfa”


Dr. Seuss’ “Walghast”


For his Aluminum Life series, Mohammed Al Qassab subtly comments on the pliable material that employs many UAE citizens.

Emirati Art