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Lambarena will be performed as part of TBT’s spring repertory, Fri-Sun.

Spring Fling

The Magistrate stars John Lithgow and screens Wednesday at Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

Night & Day

The TCU vs Kansas game tips off at 8pm at Daniel-Meyer Coliseum.

Night & Day

Emad Burnat examines 5 Broken Cameras at Thin Line Film Fest.

What’s Up? Docs!

"One Night Stand: Creating a Play in a Day" shows at 7:30pm at various movie theaters. Check Calendar for showtimes.

Night & Day

A lion molded by Gian Lorenzo Bernini at the Kimbell.

San Lorenzo

Off the Wall: Maverick Quilts now at the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame.

Night & Day

Radu Lupu at Bass Hall, Tue.

The New Radu Lupu

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia is showing at TCU at the KinoMonda.

Night & Day

Night & Day