Briskets and Comas

Posted April 1, 2010 by dan.mcgraw in Blotch

Awoke this morning to read Barry Shlachter’s story in the Star-Telegram that brisket prices had soared recently to a record high. Nice picture of my friend Danny Longoria holding up a big slab by his smoker in Everman.

But then I got to the fourth graph and read about how serious these price increases really were:



    Barry Slacker thinks he’s real funny.

    He did a story yesterday about a guy who became homeless and lost all of his belongings in a storage unit following a serious accident.

    Where on earth did the Star-Telegram find this winner? He’s an insensitive clod.


    Agreed: Slacker ( barry schlachter) is a horrible reporter who twists the truth to get a little story.

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