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The Debt Doesn’t Pay

Though thrilling in spots, this spy caper doesn’t have enough action.
When it comes to spy agencies, Americans are typically familiar with four: the CIA, the old KGB, Britain’s Ml6, and Israel’s Mossad. This last is known for general badassery, a reputation built on shrewd intelligence and sw...

A Lame Old Fashioned Orgy

Though occasionally funny, this sexually preoccupied comedy fails to deliver.
Aiming for the sort of hi-larious raunch that appeals to people who grew up on a diet of Porky’s, Meatballs, and the scattered, precious moments of unscrambled Playboy Channel, A Good Old Fashioned Orgy engages in some middli...

Wendy Davis stuck her neck out for schoolkids.

And got her district Chopped Up.
It was the last Sunday in May, last day of this year’s regular session of the Texas Legislature, and State Sen. Wendy Davis of Fort Worth had some hard thinking to do. Republicans had been wrangling over budget cuts for month...

Midori Sushi Experiments

Out by the airport is a plain restaurant that’s full of hits — and misses.
Does sushi have to be served in a fabulous, fancy, downtown restaurant to be good? Midori Sushi’s second location, this one near DFW International Airport (the original is in Irving), can be described as utilitarian. At best....

Lift the Spell: Eat at Tie’s

Chow, Baby
Everybody knows them: the addresses that seem to carry some curse, where restaurants and bars go to die. There’s one over on Belknap Street in the Riverside area, one on the south side of I-30 East. And the one I remember bes...

First You Get the Money

Big Ticket
“Io sono Tony Montana!” screams an Italian teenager who’s delighted at being given his first machine gun in the 2009 Mafia drama Gomorrah. That speaks to the wide cultural net that has been cast by Scarface, the 1983 gang...

Fort Worth Moms, Daughters Wanted For TV Stardom

Jeff Prince
Big Rich Texas is big on scripted reality and rich with bereft souls, but about as authentically Texas as the blue, plastic cowboy hats worn by tourists in the Stockyards. How do I know this about the new reality show? Because ...

Drift Era Rides the Vibe

Jimmy Fowler
Do you like moody stoner post-rock instrumental music? Of course you do. Do you know what “post-rock” means? Of course you don’t. That’s why you need to check out this week’s “Music” story about the Fort Worth tri...

Ron Tyler Resting After Heart Attack, Crash, CPR

Jeff Prince
The man who had a heart attack and drove his car into a dentist’s office yesterday is still hospitalized but doing much better today, according to a family friend. Author and historian Ron Tyler, former director of the Am...

Dallas Cowboys Remain Rangers Killers

Jeff Prince
The Dallas Cowboys played in a meaningless preseason game on Saturday night, and went head-to-head against the Texas Rangers who were playing on another TV channel in an all-important game that might have playoff ramifications....