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High-way to Hell

Last Call
On Saturday night, it finally happened. For the first time in recorded history, I wasn’t the highest person at a Whataburger. That title belonged to the guy at the Hemphill Street location who was so baked he could have doubl...

Rick Perry Reviews Aren’t Great

Jeff Prince
The Stepford Wives grin…George W. Bush bluster…Rush Limbaugh insensitivity…Cliff Clavin world insight…it was there for all to see. Rick Perry made his national TV splash at last night’s Republican ...

“Happy Poet” at The Modern

Jimmy Fowler
I haven’t seen writer-director Paul Gordon’s wry little indie comedy The Happy Poet (2010), but the reviews make it sound marvelous. Gordon stars as an idealistic, liberal-minded, vegetarian artist type who becomes a small ...

New York Jets America’s Team; Why Not?

Jeff Prince
New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers figures patriotic fervor and nationwide support for 9/11 victims will make the New York Jets “America’s Team” — at least for one day — when they play the Da...

Film Shorts

OPENING: Bellflower (R) Evan Glodell writes, directs, and stars in this micro-budget action film as a young man with apocalyptic fantasies who goes off the deep end after his girlfriend (Jessie Wiseman) ends their affair. Also ...

Night & Day

WED ? 7 It seems eminently logical that a New Orleans jazzman and an English rock guitarist would find common musical ground. And so we have Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton Play the Blues, a broadcast of a performance at Linco...

Aggressive Realignment

Plop, plop. That’s the sound of heads being lopped. Fizz, fizz. That’s the sound of newly laid off journalists pouring cold beers into mugs to wash away their sorrows. Newspapers continue to cut costs — and lower the qual...

The Moon Ridglea

The beloved TCU-area Moon is relocating next to the historic Ridglea Theater.
The Moon, the longstanding indie-music venue near TCU, is relocating next to the historic Ridglea Theater on Camp Bowie Boulevard. The new Moon’s grand opening is set for early November.

OK Corral Showdown

The huge Southside club is drawing major complaints.
The OK Corral is a big club — it draws more than 3,000 patrons on most weekend nights. Located in the La Gran Plaza shopping center on Fort Worth’s South Side, it caters to local Hispanics with Mexican-style country bands, ...

Owl, Octopus, Orbans

Seen any TV commercials lately? Lots of hipsters onscreen. Lots. Which has to make you wonder: Has hipsterism gone mainstream? Well, kinda. Even though the hipster’s hallmark attributes of edgy aesthetics and progressive poli...