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Film Shorts

OPENING: The Thing (R) The third film version of this story about a group of scientists at the South Pole who discover an alien life form that starts to prey on them. Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton, Ulrich Thom...

Night & Day

WED ▪ 12 Fans of German chamber music will be in clover when the Hugo Wolf Quartett visits TCU this evening. (The name is not a misprint — that’s how the word “quartet” is spelled in German.) The Austrian ensemble wil...

Bad Vibrations

People in the Mallard Cove neighborhood of East Fort Worth are awfully self-centered. They funnel many thousands of dollars into their biggest asset — their  homes — and then get all persnickety when somebody tries to ...

Pumping Ronnie Heart

Ex-Neon Indian guitarist Ronald Gierhart delves into e-music.
Earlier this year, Ronald Gierhart left his gig as guitarist in Neon Indian, one of the country’s hottest indie acts, to stay home in Fort Worth, pursuing his own music and art and generally enjoying a slower pace. The 26-yea...

Paradise Drowned

Flooding is a problem for an Azle couple — but not as much as the legal system.
Peter Gorman
A dream turned into a nightmare very quickly for Annette and Michael Daniel — and it’s one they can’t wake up from. Everything they have worked for is slipping away, and there doesn’t seem to be anything they can do to ...

Emperor SRV: New Clothes

John Q. Reader
To the editor: Regarding Steve Steward’s opinion of Stevie Ray Vaughan  (Last Call, Sept. 21, 2011) Yes, you are entitled to your opinion — and we all know what opinions are like.

From Here

Last Call
Toward the end of Saturday, Holy Moly frontman Joe Rose looked out from the stage into the crowd at The Aardvark, pointed a tattooed finger in the air, and yelled, “We’re Holy Moly, and we’re from this motherfuckin’ tow...

Casing the Joints

For nearly 30 years, jazz pianist Jhon Kahsen (né Johnny Case) has been tickling the ivories at Sardines Ristorante Italiano (509 University Dr, 817-332-9937). But long before he began that gig, he performed Western swing with...

Footloose: Almost Paradise

Let’s hear it for this musical remake that’s better than the original.
Like many of you, I had zero expectations for the remake of Footloose. The original 1984 film has already had a second life as a Broadway musical. A third version just seemed like yet another case of Hollywood remaking somethin...

The Big Year: First-Degree Birders

Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry from this overly broad comedy.
I am not a birder, but I can sympathize with them. Check me out in early December when I’m frantically tracking down Greek experimental films and dramas about depressed Japanese people. I may not get someone else’s obsessio...