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Film Shorts

OPENING: The Skin I Live In (R) Pedro Almodóvar’s latest film stars Antonio Banderas as an insane plastic surgeon who uses a captive patient (Elena Anaya) as a human guinea pig for his new artificial skin. Also with Marisa P...

Night & Day

WED ▪ 2 Don’t wipe that Halloween greasepaint off your face just yet. Today is Day of the Dead, and The Where House (2510 Hemphill St, 817-913-7777) is throwing a party. Vanillaface Jones and Fort Worth improv-jazz outfit G...

Cats Cough Hairball

Let’s hope the Fort Worth Cats still have some of their nine lives left. The city’s oldest and most popular sports team is in danger of folding. If the Cats get skinned, that’s a lot of history down the drain, seeing as h...

Stage West’s Arms

An 1894 Shaw classic doesn’t seem topical. However …
At one point during Stage West’s top-shelf revival of George Bernard Shaw’s 1894 comedy Arms and the Man, a seasoned manservant tutors a lady’s maid on the secret to being a successful servant: “The key to get on as a s...

Copeland’s Time

The 41-year-old Fort Worthian’s excellent new album could be a national debut.
The singer-songwriters were battling it out onstage. At stake was the chance to play a big show at 8.0 Restaurant & Bar downtown. Fort Worth’s Scott Copeland got up and launched right into “Lighthouse Keeper,” a song ...

Air Quality Study Result?

Peter Gorman
“What people don’t understand is that gas drilling in Fort Worth is not us versus them. We’re all in this together,” said an exasperated Esther McElfish. “Nobody is saying people shouldn’t drill, but they should do ...

Good Luck to 1919

John Q. Reader
To the editor: I enjoyed reading Jimmy Fowler’s story on 1919 Hemphill (“Evolving at 1919,” Oct. 12, 2011). It’s a unique place for music, films, causes, and so forth — an island of blue in this area’s sea of red. W...

Expanding Horizons

Since the holidays are right around the corner, I know you’re dying to hear about the 2012 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards and Music Awards Festival. For 2011, recall, we had nearly 50 bands –– all from the 817 –– perf...


Gallery 414
You’d think Content would be just as much at home at William Campbell, but instead this ferociously abstract show is on display at Gallery 414. Alyssa Hawkins’ paintings using nontraditional materials exist side by side wit...

Margin Call: Sell High

This neat financial drama is a movie for Occupy Wall Street.
Talk about great timing: Margin Call premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last winter to middling buzz and reviews, but now this drama — set at a brokerage firm just before the 2008 financial meltdown — is hitting theate...