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Joe Rogers at A5A

Jimmy Fowler
This Saturday night (Nov 12) at 8pm, Arts Fifth Avenue will host a must-see evening of live jazz called Joe Rogers: Old & New. Composer-bandleader-keyboardist Rogers is probably best known nowadays for his work as musical d...

Rick Perry: “Oops”

Kristian Lin
You know you want it. Here it is. First reaction: Wah wah wah! Second reaction: Did anyone think Rick Perry’s presidential campaign would end in quite this way? Third reaction: Love the assist in Perry’s destruction...

Film Shorts

OPENING: Immortals (R) Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall) directs this epic starring Henry Cavill as Theseus, a mortal picked by the Greek gods to stop an evil king (Mickey Rourke) from destroying the human race. Also with Steph...

Night & Day

WED ▪ 9 History geeks and public radio fans rejoice! Sarah Vowell comes to UNT this evening. The author with a flair for bringing obscure subjects to humorous life will read from Unfamiliar Fishes, her new book about the infl...

Clouds of Evidence

A couple of years ago, when gas drilling critics pointed out that separation tanks and other facilities used to store or separate natural gas from water were going to be prone to lightning strikes, the industry tried to pooh-po...

In Gonzo City

With fun on their minds, this Fort Worth sextet rocks a rebirth.
Five high school bandmates graduate, grow apart, marry, have children, divorce, hop jobs, bounce around mostly dead-end musical projects, and, on the eve of their 30s, get back together with a Venezuelan transplant in a windowl...

An Ugly Business

A local man pushes back against the mug-shot muscle.
Mug shot magazines such as Mugly! and Busted! and their online equivalents have become popular in recent years. Some people just can’t resist visiting web sites or paying a buck at a local gas station for a thin tabloid full ...

Assumptions and Illusions

Last Call
Remember how I mentioned recently that Spencer’s Corner closed? While I’m sure plenty of haters cackled with glee, the double-decker Westside house of trashy fun had a lot of fans, and for anyone who remembers a night out t...

Orch3stras Abound

Fort Worth classical music composer Douglas Edward is probably best known for supplying dramatic violin to the art-rock project Alan and to Brandin Lea’s defunct February Chorus. Edward is not known as a pop-rock singer-songw...

We Can Move the Earth

… Or at least our economic system.
On Feb. 8, 2008, I felt the earth move beneath my feet. It wasn’t an earthquake or a Hemingway-esque tryst. It was simply a gathering of dendraster excentricus, otherwise known as Pacific sand dollars.