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Night & Day

WED ▪ 21 The last of Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra’s holiday-themed concerts is this evening when the von Trapp Children, the great-grandchildren of the real-life inspiration for The Sound of Music, join the orchestra to pe...

Gas And Beer

Fort Worth residents might have looked warily at the newsletter included with their November water bills. Water rates are increasing in January, and the city sent out a chart listing the amounts of increases. Every category of ...

Young Santa Claus

The jolly fat man gets the musical backstory treatment at Casa Mañana.
The problem with Santa Claus is that he’s so ubiquitous during the holidays, he’s become a bit of a bore. People think of him as a big fat symbol of generosity (commercialism?) rather than a character with a backstory –...

Breaking Badcreek

Hard-partying ex-punks are jonesin’ for a little alt-country.
Tell Badcreek’s five members they’re in a Southern rock band, and they won’t grouse much about it. It’s when you classify these Fort Worthians’ music as “Texas Music” that they cringe.

Seeking Shelter

The world — or at least her house — is falling to pieces around a troubled East Fort Worth resident.
The old house and the woman inside it have shared a downward spiral for years. Sharon Baker is a recluse, breathing air through a tube hooked to an oxygen tank, sometimes sleeping in her closet when anxiety overwhelms her.


“Midnight in Paris” and DFW’s Film Critics

Kristian Lin
Last week the DFW Film Critics Association (of which I am a voting member) published its annual list of the best movies of 2011. I won’t get into which films were on my ballot and which ones made me wonder what my fellow ...

Tommy’s: Nobody’s Fool

Last Call
Last week I wrote about a failed attempt to drink in Grand Prairie, in which I pulled a buzz from the jaws of defeat by drinking at Diamond Jim’s Saloon, a big honkytonkish place on the Arlington side of Great Southwest Parkw...

Top Local Albums, EPs of ’11

For some unknown reason –– increased access to recording technology, YouTube music lessons, whatever –– 2011 was full of pretty-damn-good-to-great albums. As I’ve said before, I can’t remember a year as plentiful. W...

Suicide Pact

Climate summit negotiators fiddle while the world prepares to starve.
Gwynne Dyer
The Durban climate summit that ended earlier this month was proclaimed a great success. The chairwoman told delegates: “We have concluded this meeting with [a plan] to save one planet for the future of our children and our gr...

Robert McAn’s “Blazing”

Robert McAn is hardly the first to discover art by going through the trash, but his current show at William Campbell sets out to make a statement about the things we throw away. The exhibit includes a series of abstract express...