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Improvised Silence, FTW

 Last year around this time, Fort Worth’s experimental-improv Hentai Improvising Orchestra had decided to forgo public performances entirely. The quartet’s challenging nonlinear sonic art doesn’t necessarily jibe wit...

City Grants a Reprieve

Last month, Fort Worth Weekly told readers about Sharon Baker’s battle to repair her crumbling Eastside home (“Seeking Shelter,” Dec. 21, 2011). In 1964, she saw her mother and father shot to death there. Since then she...

Cody Jinks Hits 30

With a new album and tour on the way, this metalhead-cum-C&Wer is finally arriving.
The lanky stoner-looking dude at the bar at the White Elephant Saloon in the Stockyards might seem a little out of place amid all the Rockies and Stetsons, and you might wonder if the regulars figure he got lost on his way to a...

More Woes at Dunbar?

The mother of one student says the school district still hasn’t leveled with her.
The mother of one Dunbar athlete who was pinched on the nipples repeatedly by then-principal Doug Williams says that, although the incidents happened three months ago, no one with the Fort Worth school district has ever told he...

A Man and a Dog Walk into a Bar

Last Call
About halfway through football season, when I caught on that the 49ers were moving out of a decade of bad coaching and worse ownership to become a possible post-season contender, I happily climbed on the bandwagon, one from whi...

Dangerous Method: Jungian Slip

Psychological titans clash in this drama. Spanking ensues.
More than 50 years after his death, Carl Jung seems to have reasserted himself in the zeitgeist, with the recent publication of his famously bizarre The Red Book in German, a display of its illustrated pages in New York, and no...

Albert Nobbs: Man Drag

This gender-bender recedes into the background.
Glenn Close has been trying to get Albert Nobbs made into a film since 1982. Before she delivered any of the screen performances that made her famous, she acted in a stage adaptation of a short story by the Irish writer George ...

Signs of Civilization

Chow, Baby
Is there anything more agonizing than dating? If you younglings think I’m talking about your pimply dramas, fuggetaboutit. I’m referring to the cold, cruel world of being a food-addicted, neurotic writer on the wrong side o...

Don’t Drink the Water

Drillers are furious about reports backing up claims of poisoned groundwater.
Peter Gorman photos by Lee Chastain
When Jeff Locker looks out over his 1,500 acres of land just outside Pavillion, Wyo., he remembers what it used to look like: three horses in the corral, fields of barley and alfalfa bending in the breeze. These days the view f...

Uneven Sushi Domo

Though mostly great, this newish Arlington restaurant still hits some snags.
Sushi Domo Bar & Grill is tucked into a corner of a strip mall across from one of Arlington’s three hospitals. There are few restaurants nearby other than fast food, so this pretty, new-ish sushi restaurant is a welcome o...