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Has Rick’s Run Become Roadkill?

The religious right may be getting ready to ditch the Rick Perry they helped create.
Steve McVicker
Texas Gov. Rick Perry started his campaign with a prayer rally in Houston last August designed to give him a boost with religious evangelicals even before his official announcement. Backers claimed 30,000 of the faithful attend...

La Familia Under Fire

Four former employees turn up the legal heat.
Last week, Fort Worth Weekly broke the news of a lawsuit filed against La Familia by three former employees who claim they were threatened, humiliated, and repeatedly denied their due wages (“La Familia Sued by Ex-Employees,...

The Best Movie Dialogue of 2011

Kristian Lin
I’ve done this before, and it’s rapidly becoming my favorite blog post of the year: I’ve compiled this list sampling the best dialogue I heard in the past year’s movies. I had access to the published shootin...

Back to the Pasta

Chow, Baby
I got a little back-to-the-future jolt when I walked into Aventino’s Risorante for a recent weekday lunch. I thought maybe my DeLorean had hit 88 mph, and I had messed up something in the past that changed the present. Fortun...

’Cue Up Soda Springs

This barbecue joint in White Settlement is friendly but not memorable.
The town of White Settlement might still be living down its 2009 opportunity to change its name to something less racially charged. However, the little west-o’-Fort Worth ville is still a homey place. A culinary mecca? Hardly...

CMT, Billy Bob’s Loving On Casey Donahew

Jeff Prince
Burleson native Casey Donahew is hitting the big time — CMT is playing his new “Double Wide Dream” video. I gave the album a good review last month. The Casey Donahew Band is playing at Billy Bob’s Texas...

Something On

Big Ticket
In 1970, British playwright Michael Frayn watched a performance of one of his own comedies from the wings of the theater and found that the action going on backstage was funnier than what was happening on the stage itself. From...

Think U Can Dance?

Jeff Prince
I know nothing about FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance (other than just inherently knowing that I’d rather douse my eyes with boric acid than watch one second of it). It must be a popular, however, because the show&#...

Tebow Shmebow, Throw Romo A Bone

Jeff Prince
The NFL award for gutsiest performance  this year is down to five nominees, including Dallas Cowboys qb Tony Romo for his comeback from a broken rib and punctured lung to lead the team to an overtime victory against San Franci...

Friday the 13th at Thistle Hill

Jimmy Fowler
Maybe you were planning to stay home from work this Friday January 13 because it’s one of those fabled unlucky days. By all means, play hooky, but do it at the monthly “Flashlight Tour of Thistle Hill Mansion.” This behin...