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Last Call

Steve Steward
The Hideout: Not too Hidden Per my fascination with suburban watering holes, I stopped in this place in North Richland Hills called The Hideout the other day, a bar I’d noticed while trying to get to Northeast Mall. If you li...

Bleach is one of the acts at Dumpster Divas Drag Show, Mon.

Night & Day

Kristian Lin
Wed 31 - Catching a buzz promises to take on a whole new meaning when our humble publication hosts Stir tonight. The featured spirit at this month’s cocktail-creating competition is Colorado High Hemp Vodka. The contest will ...

Top shelf

The Top Shelf Blog: Let’s Stir Things Up

Brad Hensarling
The Fort Worth Weekly Stir competition has been going on once a month for about six months now, and naturally, because I’m the guy who writes the cocktail blog I’ve been called in a few times to be a judge. It’s been cool...


Miss Tipsy: A Magic Afternoon

Eric Griffey
Walking into AMC Palace 9 (229 E 3rd St.) with two girlfriends on a Thursday afternoon felt like a guilty enough pleasure. Walking immediately up to the bar for an excessive amount of booze felt indulgent but completely necessa...


The Top Shelf: Stir Event

Brad Hensarling
Anyone who knows me understands that rum tickles a very special place in my erogenous zones. Brugal, the brand that sponsored this month’s Fort Worth Weekly Stir competition held on Wednesday at Bird Cafe, has always been a p...


So Many Tables, So Little Time

It seems like a lot of my favorite restaurants in town haven’t been around very long. It could be that the new places are just the latest shiny objects dangled in front of my short attention span, but I don’t think so. My t...


A Foodie Walks Into a Tapas Bar …

Are we on the verge of another tapas craze? Several years ago, every eatery in town came up with a “small plates” menu. Tapas fever didn’t last long, but it left its mark. Plenty of restaurants still serve the small dishe...