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Lisa Fairchild and Mark Fickert (left) face off against Leah Layman and Brad Stephens in Circle’s latest.

Undercooked Carnage

A faulty script full of obviousness undermines a valiant effort by Circle Theatre.
Civilization, basically, is a set of rules to which people frequently don’t adhere. That short, rather obvious statement sums up the plot, themes, and performances of Circle Theatre’s lively but insubstantial staging of the...

Head to North East Mall and check out the can art at CANstruction.

Night & Day

WED ▪ 17 This midweek is a good time to head to North East Mall and check out the can art at CANstruction. The ephemeral sculptures made out of canned goods are a yearly tradition designed to benefit Tarrant Area Food Bank. T...

Lois Sonnier Hart and John S. Davies star alongside Emily Scott Banks (seated) in Circle Theatre’s creepy new production.

Hand from the Grave

Circle Theatre’s Ghost-Writer is a tense, taut, and perfectly seasonal treat.
About midway through Circle Theatre’s tense psychological drama Ghost-Writer, Myra Babbage (Emily Scott Banks), secretary to a renowned novelist, describes her boss’ methods: “Only by changing the facts could he make some...

Sherry Hopkins (top), Hannah McKinney, and Becca Shivers (bottom) star in Circle’s production of the 1944 British farce See How They Run.

More Funny Brits

Circle Theatre’s latest is the brightest in a string of door-slamming farces.
Are Fort Worth audiences farced out? Apparently not, judging by the prolonged and hearty laughter that greeted a recent performance of Circle Theatre’s current British comedy See How They Run. Philip King’s 1944 script, set...


“Mistakes Were Made” at Circle

Jimmy Fowler
Circle Theatre’s area premiere of Mistakes Were Made will close this Saturday (June 30). Craig Wright’s comedy about a New York stage producer trying to salvage his professional and personal life with an ill-conceived Broad...

2012 High School Playwrights Contest

Jimmy Fowler
Your high school kid may be a budding playwright if: 1) They call speaking up in class “breaking the fourth wall”; 2) They describe the long silences in study hall as “Pinteresque”; or 3) They won’t stop telling the...

Circle’s New Website

Jimmy Fowler
Circle Theatre is, of course, already one of the top purveyors of live theater in North Texas. Now they’re preparing to step up their online presence with a new website launching next month. They’re currently working with t...

Becky’s Naughty “New Car”

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s “Stage” page has a review of Circle Theatre’s sometimes melancholy, sometimes zany comedy of infidelity Becky’s New Car, which has just one weekend of performances left. I thought the cast was uniformly su...

High School Playwrights

Jimmy Fowler
This Sunday (May 15) at 3pm, Circle Theatre and Fort Worth Theatre will co-host the High School Playwriting Project 2011. The afternoon will feature staged readings of four selected scripts by Tarrant County teen playwrights. R...

Swingin’ It, Sixties-Style!

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s “Stage” page features an interview with director Robin Armstrong, who helmed Circle Theatre’s current production of Marc Camoletti’s 1962 sex farce Boeing-Boeing. (Don’t know about you, but I can say tha...