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david goliath

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs NY Giants

Jeff Prince
This David and Goliath story ended badly. First off, David forgot his slingshot. Secondly, his movements were encumbered by a huge goiter on his neck. He did bring a six-shooter — but shot all six rounds into his own foot...

CHILI PIE (photo by Jose Kevo)

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs. Da Bearz

Jeff Prince
Guinness World Records was at the State Fair of Texas yesterday to witness a high-water mark in this state’s grand history of culinary exquisiteness — the largest chili pie ever. It took 1,325 pounds of Fritos, chee...

DEZ BRYANT (DeSoto Police Department)

Dez Bryant A Broken Record

Jeff Prince
Hey, Dez, we wanted you to break records, not become a broken record. Character questions have long dogged Dez Bryant, but the Dallas Cowboys couldn’t resist the wide receiver’s incredible size and physical skills w...

Final Off Asides On 2011 Dallas Cowboys

Jeff Prince
The Dallas Cowboys forgot to yank on their boots for the final game of the 2011 regular season. Instead of kicking Giants butt and two-stepping into the playoffs, they now walk barefoot across the prickly, snake-ridden desert k...

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Redskins MNF

Jeff Prince
Hey, Drew Pearson, what do you think of No. 88 now? Two weeks ago, Pearson questioned Dez Bryant’s courage and character after the Cowboys lost to the New York Jets.  Bryant missed last week’s game with a leg injur...

Drew Pearson Rants About Dez Bryant

Jeff Prince
Drew Pearson was a near-god back in the 1970s when he and Roger Staubach were making history with the Dallas Cowboys. People loved Pearson because he worked his ass off, made great plays, and looked cool doing it. Now he makes ...

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs San Diego Chargers

Jeff Prince
Separated at birth: Also separated at birth: Ryan’s blitz-happy defense and… A team from sunny San Diego that wears ugly uniforms with cartoon lightning bolts on the shoulders thundered into Dallas and shocked the C...

Dallas Cowboys Should Follow This Winning Formula

Jeff Prince
Okay, Jerry Jones, I’m tired of your constant phone calls and emails begging me for advice on how to manage your underachieving football team. So here it is, my formula for a winning season next year. No. 1 – Get ri...

Dez “Bust” Bryant Quiets Detractors

Jeff Prince
The best surprise so far in this Dallas Cowboys season is the performance of rookie WR Dez Bryant. He’s played regularly and averaged better than 11 yards a catch with 14 completions in three games. Best of all, his fight...

Dez Bryant Says No To Roy Williams

Jeff Prince
The Dez Bryant hazing controversy is a tough one to judge. On the one hand, I admire the rookie wide receiver for refusing to be hazed by veteran WR Roy Williams. Hazing is silly in any form, such as among college fraternity pl...