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Top 5 Shows

1.) To help raise money for Duane Smith, the Southern Train Gypsy bassist who recently had to relocate to Houston to receive cancer treatment, his band and three other Fort Worth acts –– melodicore stylists Oh Sleeper, self...

Yep. Perdition's been there too.

Top 5 Shows

1.) I don’t know how they do it, but the four Fort Worth dudes in the heavy pop-punk band Perdition have probably put as many miles on the road as any major-label band. And air-miles too. Perdition has toured Europe twice. ...

SCOTT COPELAND (Photo by Jeff Prince)

Scott Copeland, RIDER CD Releases At Magnolia Motor Lounge

Jeff Prince
Two CD release parties this weekend will raise money for good causes. Scott Copeland is releasing 13 Songs I Wrote at 9 p.m. tonight (June 27)  at Magnolia Motor Lounge, 3005 Morton St.  Terry Rasor opens. Proceeds from CD ...


The Top 5 Shows

1.) Scott Copeland will be all over town this weekend, starting Friday night at Magnolia Motor Lounge (3005 Morton St., 817-332-3344), where the rowdy country singer-songwriter and his crack band The Enablers will be preceded b...

Blending dub with psychedelia, jazz, rock, and more, Sub Oslo is a sonic experiment that dates back years but is still as fresh-sounding as ever.

The Top 5 Shows

1.) There was a time (circa the early aughts) when a Sub Oslo show at the dearly departed Wreck Room was the hottest ticket in North Texas. Though the mostly Denton band (drummer Quincy Holloway resides in the Fort) hasn’t be...


Music Awards Festival, Round 1

Here’s the first batch of bands to play Fort Worth Weekly’s 12th Annual Music Awards Festival (MAF) on Sunday, June 22, at eight venues in the West 7th Street corridor. And they are: Pinkish Black, Son of Stan, The Hanna Ba...


Resolution: Avoid Mount Everest

My New Year’s resolution isn’t going well so far. The plan was to stop eating like a stoned teenager and get my lazy bones on a treadmill every now and again. Apparently my willpower is stuck in 2013, when my goals were to ...


Dia De Los Toadies

Two Thursdays ago during happy hour at Lola’s Saloon, Toadies frontman Vaden Todd Lewis and drummer Mike Reznicek said they’re bringin’ it on home. Their 6th Annual Dia De Los Toadies will take place Sept. 13-14 in Fort W...

(From left to right) Matt Mabe, Sam Anderson, David Matsler, and Pat Adams are on the way up.

Boss Honcho

Just try to knock Quaker City Night Hawks off their lofty perch.
Bona fide, non-hyphenated rock ’n’ roll is not something you pump out after learning just a couple of chords, though, yes, lots of bands (looking at you, AC/DC) have made a mint off spinning G, C, and D (and maybe two or th...

Magnolia Motor Lounge Kegger Sunday

Anthony Mariani
On Sunday, Magnolia Motor Lounge (2005 Morton St., Cultural District, 817-332-3344) will raffle off The Beast, a 1931 Model A sedan that looks pretty all-terrain-y and not so traditionally “vintage.” The festivities will ta...