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Modern Cinema Festival Returns

Kristian Lin
I learned something interesting while attending last night’s screening of Ain’t Them Bodies Saints at the Modern. I already knew that Christopher Kelly’s Modern Cinema Festival would be returning this October ...

THIS HOUSE by Graham,

The Modern and The ‘Phibs Present “This House”

Americans like to harumph that they’re sick of the dysfunction in the U.S. Congress –– too many special interests, career ambitions, dubious backroom deals, and above all, too many elected officials who disdain consensus ...


Farewell, “Companion”

This Sunday (March 31) is the last day you’ll be able to catch the outdoor sculpture called Companion (Passing Through) sitting at the front doors of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Then the New York artist known as KAWS...

Corrie Donovan is a featured soloist at the Modern Music Festival.

Music of the Now

Fort Worth’s contemporary classical music scene is in much better shape now than it was 10 years ago. It’s not just the universities and specialist groups like Other Arts and Sounds Modern (which held a concert just last we...

‘Phibs Do “Two Rooms”

Jimmy Fowler
Amphibian Productions presents a staged reading of Lee Blessing’s play Two Rooms 7pm tonight (Mon Jan 30) at The Modern. Tix are $15. Blessing’s multifaceted drama, about a teacher taken hostage in Beirut and the vigil his ...

“Collaborators” at The Modern

Jimmy Fowler
The artist as conscientious objector is a cultural meme that many of us cherish. But throughout history, there’s been no shortage of creative types who’ve traded their artistic integrity – not to mention their souls R...

“Treats” at The Modern

Jimmy Fowler
Amphibian Productions wants to save you from another sad Monday night watching Two and a Half Men. Tonight (Dec 5) at 7pm, the ‘Phibs will present a staged reading of Christopher Hampton’s 1976 play Treats at The Modern. Ti...

British Theater Comes to the Modern

Kristian Lin
Intriguing theater news just dropped in my inbox, and it’s so fresh that the organizations involved haven’t posted it yet on their websites. The National Theatre of Great Britain will broadcasts four live performanc...

“Echotone” at The Modern

Jimmy Fowler
The bumpersticker slogan “Keep Austin Weird” began many years ago as a grassroots protest against the commercial development and suburban sprawl that has marked the state capital. Well, the “KAW” campaign pretty much f...

Shake It at The Modern

Jimmy Fowler
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is presenting a unique three-weekend festival celebrating the international art of dance, live and on film. The 8th Annual Modern Dance Festival at The Modern opens 8pm tonight with a performanc...