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K2 Puts More Than 30 New Yorkers In A Spice Stupor

Jeff Prince
Marijuana has become more expensive in recent years as the hydroponically grown pot has edged out the Mexican dirt weed among consumers. Now, the cheap stuff is harder to find. More and more people seem to be turning to K2, or ...


Once ‘Seedy’ Fort Worth Now No. 12 — Woo, Er, Uh, Hoo?

Jeff Prince
Vocativ, the online magazine that provides “news from the deep web,” just hit me with an email. The subject describes Fort Worth as being among the “top cities to live.” “Our new Livability Index r...


Gas Industry Spews Same Ol’ Same Ol’ Up North

Jeff Prince
It’s sad to see folks in other parts of the country dealing with same covert-crapola that Tarrant County residents have endured from urban gas drillers for the past decade. An editorial in this New York area newspaper def...

Richie Budd: But Is It Art?

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s “Art” page answers that age old question: “But is it art?” Yes, it is – it’s Fort Worth “performative sculptor” Richie Budd’s art. Budd, a UNT graduate and member of the now defunct but still-dis...

It’s Up To Y’all Fort Worth Fort Worth

Jeff Prince
Start spreading the news / I’m leaving today /  I want to be a part of it / Fort Worth, Fort Worth A huge population increase in Texas during the past decade means we get an extra four seats in Congress. That makes an ev...

Chesapeake Drillers Threatened

Jeff Prince
Almost heaven, West Virginia — unless you’re a gas driller. The Wetzel Chronicle reports that Chesapeake Energy employees found a dummy hanging from a tree with a noose around its neck in Wetzel County, WV. “Go away d...

Frontier Brothers Playing CMJ Festival

Anthony Mariani
For Northeasterners, CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival is a pretty big deal. It’s like SXSW, but it takes place in New York rather than Austin, it doesn’t have any stupid panel discussions, its focus is 100 percent on ...