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Fest of Song

Concert Review: TCU Festival of American Song

James Talambas
Sunday’s finale to TCU’s Festival of American Song was remarkable for several reasons. First, the audience was a lively mix of all ages, defying stereotypes about classical music fans. Second, the works of guest compose...

Joe T’s Gets Kudos From Casey

Jeff Prince
American Idol finalist Casey James flew into Fort Worth to hobnob with fans (all captured by Idol cameras for next week’s show), and his long day began at 7 a.m. with a visit to the Fox Channel 4 news station. One of the firs...

Night and Day

THU ? 26 One good thing about having the Dallas Cowboys in our area: Their annual Thanksgiving Day game gives Night & Day an item to run on a holiday when not much else is going on. In their first Turkey Day game at the new...