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NRA, Obama Attack Movie Violence

The national gun debate has officially gotten surreal: President Obama and the National Rifle Association agree on something. At a news conference earlier today, Wayne LaPierre, the NRA executive vice president, blamed “Holly...


Rule of Law: The Other Casualty

The recent New York Times article describing Barack Obama’s “Kill List” made for a bumpy read. It’s not your standard Norman Rockwell fare: the president and his picture-perfect family seated at dinner, heads bowed, rec...

The Nuge Blows His Own Cover

Jimmy Fowler
You may have thought Ted Nugent was just a gripey gun owner, mediocre guitarist, and failed cook book author. But he is, apparently, right at the top of the Obama administration’s enemies’ list. At last weekend’s National...

CIA Dudes Like To Party

Jeff Prince
Reading about Secret Service agents partying with prostitutes made me think of the late Roy Stamps. The former KXOL radio personality was working as a news reporter in 1963 when President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie vis...

Obama Misses Point

Jeff Prince
The stock market is in a freefall, losing 5 percent of its value today. Meanwhile, President Obama has been blaming the messenger ever since Standard & Poor’s knocked down the United States’ credit rating a notc...

Nobel Peace Prize Winning Obama A Warmonger?

Jeff Prince
Sunday was the first day of spring, and Libertarian Party Chair Mark Hinkle sprung into action. First he probably trimmed his mustache. Then he emailed a statement accusing President Barack Obama of ignoring history by becoming...

Obama: “Evolving” on Gay Marriage?

Jimmy Fowler
One of the frustrations of being a liberal in America is that you have to wait for millions of your neighbors to recognize obvious injustice. Women barred from the vote, racial segregation, anti-gay sodomy laws — they...

DADT Died, McCain Wept

Jimmy Fowler
Tomorrow morning (Dec 22) at 8:15am President Obama will sign the legislation to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Here’s what won’t happen: Helpless hetero Marines won’t get cornered by their predatory homo showermates. ...

Perry: Flying Robots Will Save Us

Jimmy Fowler
As you may have heard, Pres. Obama will arrive in North Texas this afternoon to attend an evening fundraiser at the Dallas home of a wealthy Democratic supporter. Gutless Democratic candidate for guv Bill White won’t meet wi...

Sarah Palin A Grand Speaker?

Jeff Prince
The mouse that roared “you betcha!” is coming to Dallas, and people are clamoring to pay $1,000 each to listen to Sarah Palin spew catchphrases about patriotism, conservatism, God — and how much President Obama sucks....