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Budget Wars

Will the legislature cut taxes or fund schools or leave local governments holding the bag or … ?
The battles over budget priorities that the Texas Legislature goes through every two years are already well under way, on many fronts. Some, including Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick the Senate’s new presiding officer, say ta...


Why He’s Running

Comptroller candidate Mike Collier says big owners are shifting Texas’ tax burden to the little guys. He wants to change that.
Why did the Texas Legislature in 2011 cut $5.4 billion from school funding even though property tax revenues went up? That’s what Mike Collier, a Houston corporate number-cruncher wondered. “I knew something was terribly wr...


Algebra II? But the Toilet’s Running!

The headlines from yesterday’s state House hearing on Texas’ new high school curriculum were so deliciously snicker-worthy: “Texas lawmakers debate new curriculum that’s too complicated for them.” Texas, like the U.S....


Fools Rush In

Legislators consider bringing high-level radioactive waste to Texas.
The Texas Legislature will hold hearings this year on the supposed benefits of our state storing the very hottest type of radioactive waste. Only political greed overriding common sense could account for such a stupid idea. Whe...

Davis 2


Annabelle Massey Malloy
North Texas freelancer Annabelle Massey Malloy sent us this commentary on the filibuster: Like hundreds of thousands of other women and political junkies across this country, I was glued to the Texas Tribune’s live feed from ...

Hogan said Fort Worth officials should have testified against the pipeline bill. Willex Tindell

Watching the Door

Two bills to limit cities’ power over the gas industry aren’t moving now — but they might.
It’s a truism of the Texas Legislature that killing “bad” legislation is as important as passing the “good” kind. Under that theory, it would seem that critics of the shale gas industry would be celebrating the fact t...


The Judge Giveth, The Judge Taketh Away

Fort Worth Weekly
After working so hard last year to diminish minority-voting power, the Texas Legislature received two black eyes from Uncle Sam last week. Federal courts struck down the state’s new redistricting maps for not protecting minor...