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PRINCE FIELDER (courtesy Wikipedia)

Prince Fielder More Like A Frog

Jeff Prince
The local news media is pretty hyped up about the Texas Rangers trade that brought first basemen Prince Fielder to the team. He’s a guy who hits the ball hard and stays healthy, the sentiment goes. But this FOX Sports sto...

Cracking the Code

The Texas Railroad Commission this week adopted the rules requiring disclosure of what’s in frac fluid, thus carrying out the intent of legislation passed earlier this year. The rule “will require Texas oil and gas operator...

DeMarco Da Man But Felix Da Cat

Jeff Prince
Two buddies of mine — George from Arlington and Big Jim from Mount Vernon — text me during Dallas Cowboys games. George tends to rant about owner Jerry Jones’ “play calling.” George thinks Jones pu...

Yank Be Gone

Jeff Prince
If you’re tired of yanking on that cord every time you want to crank up your gas-powered mower to cut the grass, you might consider swapping for an easy-start and environmentally greener electric model. Black & Decker...

An Immodest Proposal

Think about this one: drug thugs as la migra.
Tell me if this sounds familiar. The U.S. trains another country’s paramilitary forces to wage war against American enemies. Those forces do fight U.S. enemies but later change sides to become a different, perhaps greater men...


The scariest news may be the stuff you haven’t seen yet.
David Phinney thought he’d struck journalistic gold. The veteran reporter, who has done freelance work for PBS, ABC, The New York Times, and other news companies, learned from a disgusted American contractor that the Kuwa...

Beans of Wrath

You’ve got the whole world — or at least the lives of millions — in your cup.
In a five-bay garage tucked away in the shadow of Trinity Industries off Seminary Drive in south Fort Worth, the smells are a unique combination of grease and the heady aroma of coffee. Here, owner Marvin Rodak and his crew rep...

Stone Monument

Kristian Lin
I feel like I’m having a flashback to the early 1990s, because I’m pissed off at Oliver Stone. Again. I didn’t think he could do it. He was once one of Hollywood’s most vital talents, certainly its most controversial.