The Arlington powers that be probably hoped their burg would drop out of the negative national headlines for a while, after local schools superintendent Jerry McCullough issued an apology for refusing to show President Barack Obama’s speech on education to kids in his schools. As part of that “oops,” he also cancelled plans for about 500 fifth-graders to be bused to Cowboys Stadium for an event that included an address by George W. Bush, the former White House resident whose torture-condoning, fat-cat-feeding, warmongering policies never once incited conservatives to pull their kids out of school or cover their ears.

If so, city leaders may be doomed to disappointment in that regard. True, the newly formed Fort Worth chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference has called off a vigil planned for Monday at Cowboys Stadium in protest of the district’s decision on the Obama speech. But chapter president the Rev. Kyev Tatum says the vigil’s only been cancelled because the chapter has bigger plans.

“I got a call from some pastors, wanting to see what the next step is,” Tatum said. His answer: single-member districts for the Arlington school board.

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