When we last joined LGBT Pride 2013 in North Texas, a kerfuffle about bare butts had created a fun mini-scandal at Dallas’ annual pride parade. The winners in that cage match between assless-chaps-clad leathermen on floats and little kids in the crowds? Drum roll, please… the little kids prevailed, and the leathermen had to cover up! Well, the Tarrant County Gay Pride Parade happens noon tomorrow (Sat Oct 5) at W Weatherford and Burnett Streets, then heads down Houston Street through the heart of downtown Fort Worth. Parade participants will be much too busy celebrating the civil rights advancements of recent years –– including this summer’s resounding defeat of Prop. 8 and DOMA –– to worry about flashing their glutes.

The weekend party continues with the Pride Picnic beginning noon Sun Oct 6 in Trinity Park, which features live entertainment, group activities, competitions, community booths, and –– aaaargh! –– a free Pride Kids Zone. You people demanded equality, and as justice gradually becomes a reality for LGBT people, all kinds of unintended consequences will come with it. Like children. (*shudder*) Seriously, though, Happy Pride, ya’ll! And keep fighting the good fight.