Belvedere (center): “There’s really just a lot of nihilism.” Photo by Megan Yenter

1) It’s already Friday, and I ducked writing this list like it was a phone number for a collection agency popping up on my phone. But here I am, finally answering its call. I’m gonna put both of Duell’s release shows in one slot, because their new album (Futureless, available on digital platforms – including Spotify – and in CD form at their shows) fucking rules and so do the lineups at both shows. Friday night’s show is at Ruins (2653 Commerce, Dallas) and starts with Sub-Sahara at 9, followed by Mountain of Smoke at 10, then Son of Stan at 11, and then everyone’s favorite triple-guitar/new-album-celebration party boi band plays at midnight. 21+, doors at 8, cover is $10. Duell drops their CD off in Fort Worth on Saturday night at Lola’s (2736 6th St) with help from All Clean at 9, Mountain of Smoke at 10, Sealion at 11, and themselves at midnight. Same deal for the Lola’s show as at Ruins. Here’s the video for Duell’s “Eat Shit Die.” Watch for the surprise lineup changes:

2) Also Friday: Henry the Archer headlines a bill at MASS (1002 S Main) featuring Austin-based, power-pop/sarcasm machine Quiet Company in the middle slot and newish dream pop band Beauty Parlor in the opening slot. Doors are at 8, music’s at 9, show is 18+, cover is $8. Quiet Company has just released a new album called “On Corners & Shapes. Here’s a sort of recent Quiet Company video in which the band tries hot sauces:


3) Oh yeah, here’s something free to do on Friday: DJ Flu at Republic Street Bar. Tite beats and jams from this mysterious, hella sic DJ, plus $4.50 pints of Hop Fusion’s Feisty Redhead.

4) FREE SHOW ALERT! Saturday afternoon at Doc’s, there’s a three-band, all-ages bill starting at 3pm with dub trio Stem Afternoon, Heavy Pulp (which includes Pearl Earl drummer Baily Chapman and Denton guitarist Alexander Guillen) at 4pm, and Denton psych rockers Sunbuzzed at 5pm. Here’s a Sunbuzzed video for a song called “Ooze”:

5) Also on Saturday: Mean Motor Scooter, Kyoto Lo-Fi, the Fibs, Ting Tang Tina, and Picnic Lightning. All these bands are aces, but for my money, Kyoto Lo-Fi is the must-see here simply because I see their name a lot less frequently than the other four acts. Why is that? Kyoto Lo-Fi are tite as hell. Go see them so they get booked around here more often! That’s how booking works, right? Show is 18+, doors are at 7, music starts at 8pm with Picnic Lightning, and cover is $5 if you’re 21+, or $8 if you’re younger than that.