This week’s guest Cameron Smith is among the many musicians performing at the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards Festival from 5 to 10 p.m. on Sunday. During our interview, I mention “hundreds of bands playing in thousands of venues with millions of people” but might have misspoken. Expect 40 bands at eight venues drawing thousands of people — still a big party, and it’s free! Cameron is co-owner at Dreamy Life Records and Music (a record label and music store hybrid) and is guitarist and vocalist with War Party. Cameron is performing on the Music Awards Festival under the pseudonym Sur Duda, a name he made up that has no meaning but sounds cool so why not. He leans toward the punk side of rock ’n’ roll but explores various genres. Not long ago, I listened to Cameron and wife Stevie and a couple of other musicians backing up singer Schuyler Stapleton (Bitch Bricks) at a M.A.S.S. gig that rocked balls, and now they’re working up a full show. Can’t wait for that. Later, I ran into Cameron at a songwriter night and then saw him performing at Tributary Cafe. The guy gets around. I dig his sound and laid-back charm and figured he’d be an interesting person to dish on the Music Awards Festival. His punk roots meant he’d be open to playing “White Light/White Heat,” an old Velvet Underground song I’ve always loved and wanted to play on T&J. Turns out, the song’s author, Lou Reed, is Cameron’s favorite artist. I like the yin-yang aspect of our performance, with Cameron keeping it chill and funky on vocals while I deliver some rather manic “white light!” shout-outs because I’m having such fun playing this great old song. We jammed outside the bar next to a busy and noisy Main Street on a windy day, but the sound quality turned out surprisingly well thanks to director Wyatt Newquist. Also, thanks again to John and Sallie Rody at KFTW 97.5 The Pirate for loaning us their Tascam recorder for the past year or more. Great show, Cameron! See everybody at the music fest on Sunday!