Writer’s Bloc [sic] runs Aug 15-Sep 20 at Leaves Book and Tea Shop, 120 St Louis Av, Ste 101, FW. Admission is free. Call 682-233-4832.

Most folks couldn’t pick out their favorite local newspaper reporter or magazine writer from a random lineup of suspects. This Thursday at Leaves Book and Tea Shop, you can see the faces behind several of those bylines at the photography show Writer’s Bloc [sic]. The portraits feature notable journalists and editors, including Deanna Boyd (Star-Telegram), Lee Geurkink (Madeworthy Magazine), and Jeff Prince (Fort Worth Weekly). The photographs were taken by me and local photographer Mike Lopez. “Both Sides of the Story” features Prince doing a double take as he simultaneously gazes at two opposing news sources. “Connecting the Dots” captures crime reporter Boyd at her office as she sleuths through names and Post-it notes on an invisible wall that partitions viewers from the subject. Each photo strives to capture the subject’s personality as much as their professional persona.

The photographic survey of local writers and editors is augmented with several cards emblazoned with original quotes that give practical writing advice and insights. Quote contributors include Laura Meyn (360 West), Laurie James (Fort Worth Weekly), Rachel Pilcher (Sleeping Panther Press), and Shilo Urban (Fort Worth Magazine, Madeworthy Magazine, Fort Worth Weekly), among others. The photography show, organized in partnership with Sleeping Panther Press, is part of the Near Southside’s Third Thursday casual art walk series.