Hopefully you voted only once. Courtesy of iStock

Mark Cuban is my hero. I once emailed him, asking him to save the Bronco Bowl by buying it. He did not swoop in and save the beloved music venue/bowling alley in Oak Cliff slated for demolition. (Like many people, he thought the neighborhood needed the Home Depot more than the best music hall ever. Sigh.) However, he did personally respond to my email.

Recently, he opened up the Mavericks’ home arena — American Airlines Center — as a polling center, assuring that thousands of Dallasites had a safe place to vote. He also literally picked up down-on-his-luck former NBA player Delonte West off the streets, ensuring that he had a safe place to rehab.

Cuban is a solid guy. It’s no surprise that his brother is civic-minded as well.


Brian Cuban — best-selling author and international speaker — had this to say on Twitter on Monday: “Repeat mental health reminder: Many of us are emotionally and mentally invested in a certain election result. I know I am. Have a concrete advance plan to take care of yourself if it doesn’t go your way.”

I agree.

Whatever issues you are having, adding election drama to the mix may make things worse. Along with self-care, taking a break from social media, and acknowledging to yourself that you’ve done all you can do by simply casting your ballot, some organizations can help.

Foundation 45, a support group founded after the passing of local punk musician Frankie 45, is dedicated to helping you find answers. Anyone over the age of 18 can contact the Interlude 45 Support Group. They offer a safe virtual environment to share struggles and successes with licensed professional counselors. For more information, visit