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Top 10(-ish) Local Albums of the Year

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Music Feature

Music Feature

Dawn of The Daybreak Hits

Until a few months ago, followers of local music who still haven’t lived through a 30th birthday might not have recognized Ryan Higgs as...

Trái Bo: Whatever Works

Band names are often non-sequitur, a pair of unrelated words that sound good rolling off the tongue. Trái Bơ is a Vietnamese word that...

High on Pyre

Easy categorizations are hard to find when talking about Fort Worth's down-tempo punk quintet Four Days to Burn. They excel at fast, skull-rattling sonic...

Live Oak to Work With Spune?

More changes are afoot at The Live Oak Music Hall & Lounge, the plush venue/bar/restaurant that recently opened on the Near Southside. A month ago,...

Killer or Filler?

Madràs’ Things Can Change Since its June release, the debut album from twentysomething singer-songwriter Jeevan Antony, his bass-playing younger brother Mathew, and drummer/producer Ben Hance...