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Fungi Girls: All Hyped Up

Magical Misery Tour


Killer or Filler?

Music Feature

Music Feature

Calhoun Conquers SXSW

At South by Southwest this year, I was reminded of an old theory that applies to festivals: The average festivalgoer only hears broad strokes,...

Bends Sinister

Shadows lurk around every corner of The Great Tyrant's sonicscapes. By JIMMY FOWLER When you make music that describes life as a bottomless void and other...

Waves of Tidals

Probably the best way to listen to Tidals is on a dark train zipping through the city at night. New York City perhaps or...
Beauxregard’s dynamic new album, Ghosts of the Gaslamp, is real music by real musicians.

Beauxregard’s “Future Western”

Fort Worth has become a pretty lively independent music town in recent years, but the downside is that studio projects –– in other words,...
After playing a sanctioned showcase, Fort Worth’s War Party is ready to, um, party at South By Southwest. Steve Steward

South By Recap

Here’s the thing: I kinda suck at South By Southwest. I get to Austin late. I get defeated by lines. I drink too much,...

The Growth of Hannah Owens

Personal growth seems to be a theme lately for Hannah Owens. The last few years have brought about a lot of change, to say...

Taking the Lead

When local muso Matt Skates formed the Fort Worth Music Co-Op last year, he couldn't have guessed all the directions it would take. The...