Live Oak Dead

What Happened to Texas Music?

Caged Bird

Jacob Furr’s Sierra Madre



Everything Else Later

Maybe it's not a ringing endorsement in the steely eyes of blues enthusiasts, but bluesman James "Gut-tar" Hinkle's new album, Some Day, has crossover...

The Soft Parade

I hate noise pollution. Dogs barking all damn day long, hoopties pumping bass drums, loud office chatter when I'm trying to compose my spellbinding...

Watermelon Slim & the Workers

Watermelon Slim is an ex-reporter, ex-sanitation truck driver, ex-lots-of-jobs bluesman and Vietnam vet who quit the “real world” after a heart attack in 2002...

Van Kristian

Don't forget to check out Weekly film and classical-music critic Kristian Lin's Van Cliburn blog. Recommended even for non-classical-music fans.