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Jessica Taylor plays love doctor in Stolen Shakespeare Guild’s Emma.

Night & Day

Kitchens (left) and Dub have segued into pure metallic improvisation.

Churning Urn

Tashina Richardson and Lindsay Harris are refugees from the apocalypse in Sundown Collaborative Theatre’s Said and Done.

Night & Day

Merry Metamodern Christmas!

Sybarite5 plays classical and rock at Live Oak, Thu.

Arranging Strings

An avalanche gets too close for comfort to a ski resort in Force Majeure, at the Modern. See Friday.

Night & Day

(From left to right) Ryan Spears, Rangeley Grisel, and Austin Smith are in it for the long haul.

In Bloom

Connor Barth and Matt Kopec enjoy a pasta dinner in “Elf: The Musical.”

Night & Day

And Boom Goes the Oil

The Cush is Texas psych at its best.

Comfy Perch