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Fort Worth Museum of Science and History plays Humpback Whales in its IMAX theater.

Night & Day

Kristian Lin
Wed 11 - Old warhorses and new music alike will be spotlighted at UNT’s Concerto Concert, featuring the music department’s brightest soloists. They’ll be performing arias by Stravinsky and Donizetti, as well as works by P...

Chuck Jones

Considering Chuck Jones

Kristian Lin
I wore my Bugs Bunny tie to the press preview of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History’s Chuck Jones exhibit, and I came back with a desire to recap the career of this American comedy master. Many of Jones’ films are...

Bugs Bunny takes a starring role in FWMSH’s show about Chuck Jones.

Love Jones

Fort Worth Weekly
If Chuck Jones isn’t an American master, we’re hard-pressed to figure out who is. As an animator for Warner Bros., he created iconic characters like Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, Pepé Le Pew, and Marvin the Martian w...

Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar, at FWMSH’s IMAX theater.

Big Big Screens

After Christmas, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is bringing in two new films to show on its IMAX screen. The first is Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s jumbo-sized and very science-friendly space epic. The movie...


Star Party at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Maybe you’ve noticed, but damn, the news has been depressing lately. Much of it is due to the perennially obnoxious habit of human separating themselves into tribes and then attacking each other, either literally or rhetorica...


Star Party at Museum of Science & History

Believe it or not, there’s a reality show full of stars that dazzles viewers and increases their IQ every time they watch it: It’s called the evening sky. Operating on the belief that nature provides the best entertainment ...

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Westside Saturday

Saturday is shaping up to be a Westside kinda day. From 11am to 6pm, the three-mile stretch of Camp Bowie Boulevard between University Drive and Ridglea Avenue will be bustling as part of Camp Bowie District’s inaugural Fresh...

John Wayne: “Lone Star” Films

Jimmy Fowler
This Sunday (Jan 15) at 2pm, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History will screen the 1934 movie Randy Rides Alone as part of its John Wayne: Lone Star Westerns film series. The main thing you need to know is that veteran ...

Recycle Your Phone, See the Museum

Kristian Lin
Fort Worth Museum of Science and History has just announced that if you recycle your mobile phone at the museum between now and May 8, you can get a voucher to see the museum for free, to be used at any point during the summer,...

“Wild Ocean” in IMAX

Jimmy Fowler
Tomorrow (April 22) is Earth Day. You could spend it fantasizing about making out with Al Gore in the backseat of a hybrid while a CD of dolphin sounds plays on the stereo. Or you could watch dolphins, sharks, whales, seals, di...