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Hip Pocket Theatre’s Tree Pop brings the forest to life this week.

Night & Day

Kristian Lin
Wed 15 - You’ll get lots of air if you go to Pump It Up today. The company specializing in indoor inflatables and play areas is celebrating its 15th birthday, and it’s doing so with cake, kids’ activities, and goodie bags...


Hip Pocket Theatre-Related Kickstarter Campaign Ends Dec. 6

Jeff Prince
Old Tarzan at Hip Pocket Theatre was the first play I ever saw — and it blew me away. The story concept was cool: Tarzan has gotten old, the jungle is developed all around him, and he’s coping with a changing world....


Kickstarter Aims to Fund Hip Pocket Archive

The same quality that makes live theater so unique and exciting also makes it very fragile and ephemeral: Once the performance is over, the art created by the performers is also gone, lost to the past. But we can save all the f...


“Pocket Full of Art” at A5A

Most theater companies just send out press releases to announce their upcoming seasons. But co-founders Johnny and Diane Simons of Hip Pocket Theatre like to turn everything into a celebration. Their philosophy is that life, li...

Head to North East Mall and check out the can art at CANstruction.

Night & Day

WED ▪ 17 This midweek is a good time to head to North East Mall and check out the can art at CANstruction. The ephemeral sculptures made out of canned goods are a yearly tradition designed to benefit Tarrant Area Food Bank. T...

Independence Day

Night & Day

WED ▪ 4 As you might expect on Independence Day, there are all manner of 4th of July celebrations going on this evening. We note that Fort Worth’s official celebration, Fort Worth Fourth, has moved to Panther Island Pavilio...

Hip Pocket Fundraiser

Jimmy Fowler
You don’t get to use the word “Fellini-esque” very often in life, but that’s as accurate a description as any for the work done by Hip Pocket Theatre. These are performers who’ve incorporated their art seamlessly into...

Hip Pocket Puppets

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s ”Arts” page explores Hip Pocket Theatre’s Cowtown Puppetry Festival, celebrating its sixth anniversary this weekend at the Silver Creek Road compound. HP co-founder Diane Simons created the Festival with her...