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Soundcheck 817: Un Chien at Lola’s Saloon

Eric Griffey
The great Stephen Beatty of Un Chien sat down for a chat and a song in a tiny room at Lola’s Saloon. You can see them tonight at Lola’s, with Mean Motor Scooter and Screaming Thieves. The show starts at 10pm.  ...


Lola’s Wrevival

I like this. I like this new development. Every autumn, I get a little nostalgic. The slant of the sun as it bathes very institutional-looking buildings in hazy yellow. The anticipation of donning flannel over- and undergarment...


Welcome Home, TTXQ

If you lived in or around the Fort in the late aughts and ever even glanced at this column, you would know that my love of Tame … Tame and Quiet is matched only by my love of family, the great Satan hisself, and New York-styl...

Panic Volcanic

Concert Review: Panic Volcanic at Lola’s Saloon

Lyndsay Cole
Saturday evening I headed out to Lola’s Saloon (2736 W 6th St) for the 817 Watts launch party, a new for-fans-by-fans magazine that is being put together by local photographer Kasi Daine. The magazine will be released monthly...


Concert Review: Mountain Kid at Lola’s Saloon

Lyndsay Cole
This past weekend, Fort Worth had no shortage of album release shows; it seemed like they were happening everywhere. Friday night I made my way to Lola’s Saloon for the release of part one of Mountain Kid’s two-part album T...

Photo swiped from Lola's Twitter

Concert Review: Torquila Tuesdays at Lola’s Saloon

Lyndsay Cole
Leon Bridges walked into Lola’s Saloon, said hello to some friends, and went and stood at the stage directly in front of Quaker City Night Hawks’ Sam Anderson as the Night Hawks played a “secret” show during one of the ...


Bad Blonde: Super Unknown

Rarely does a young band drop onto the scene fully formed. Burning Hotels, Lifters/The Orbans, The Unlikely Candidates. And maybe a couple more. Now there’s Bad Blonde. Purveying a kind of high-octane grunge, all buzzsaw barr...

The Vandoliers

Phuss over The Vandoliers

Before we go any further, The Phuss has not broken up. The trio of guitarist/frontman Joshua Fleming, bassist Forrest Barton, and drummer Trey Alfaro is still together, just on hiatus, according to Fleming: “There are absolut...

Armadillo Creek is a newish "trashgrass" outfit from Le Fort.

Top 5 Shows

1.) Head to the Stockyards tonight (Friday) and pull up a seat at Filthy McNasty’s for a night of folk and country courtesy of pickin’ prodigy Luke McGlathery and his band and Armadillo Creek, a newly formed “trashgrass...


Top 5 Shows

1.) Is there a psilocybin mushroom equivalent for 4/20? If there is, Tidals should be a headliner at that day’s celebratory party. The Fort Worth duo’s ominous sample-based dub and the visuals that often accompany it are en...