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Republician presidential hopeful Newt Gr

Preacher Perry Comforts His Gun-Toting Flock

How moronic is Rick Perry’s response to President Obama’s new gun control proposals? His statement reaches Everest-scale heights of dumbassed-osity that even I didn’t think he was capable of. It’s awe-inspiring. He ment...


Self-Inflicted Wounds

Keep the Texas Legislature away from redistricting.
Fraud! Shameful! There seemed to be a contest between Gov. Rick Perry and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst to see who could make the more outrageous comment after two federal courts poured out the Texas Legislature’s redistricting and...

Breaking News: Air Is a Public Issue

Jimmy Fowler
It’s hard to think of a more Orwellian name for a state entity than the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, which has apparently been insisting that breathable air is not an issue of “environmental quality” down h...

Here's Rick Perry's health care plan for Texas!

Rick Perry Helps Us Get Healthy

Kristian Lin
Well, our genius governor is at it again. Rick Perry announced yesterday that he’s refusing to implement the Affordable Care Act in Texas, joining a list of Republican governors who are trying to act all tough since the S...


Ron Paul Speaking In Fort Worth Today

Jeff Prince
  The guy that many alternative-leaning Republicans see as the most interesting politician on the scene, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), speaks this afternoon at the state convention in Fort Worth. The speech will be live streamed b...

Star-Telegram Caves In To Fear, Oh My

Jeff Prince
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram decided not to print this week’s Doonesbury comic strips that reveal the hoops Texas women must jump through when seeking a safe and legal abortion. Texas abortion laws require women to get a ...

Dirt For $1 Million

Jeff Prince
Ever smooshed with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison? Hanky-pankied with Sen. John Cornyn? If so, you could get $1 million for blabbing to Larry Flynt. The Hustler Magazine publisher is looking for political sex tales to expose, and he...

Rick Perry vs. The Gays

Kristian Lin
This is pretty sad. Our governor is trying to resurrect his gaffe-prone presidential campaign by appealing to Iowa’s evangelical voters, and he has chosen gay-baiting as a way to do that. Yesterday Perry assailed the Obam...

If Rick Perry Becomes President Can He Secede?

Jeff Prince
Gov. Rick Perry figured he’d make a fierce run at the presidency, win the Republican nomination, and then even if he somehow lost to Barack Obama a year from now, he’d return to Texas with a higher national profile,...

Apropos Oops

Jeff Prince
Gov. Rick Perry’s brain freeze during a recent debate has some Americans questioning his mental capability to lead this country. But in his defense, he did use the word “oops” correctly, according to this Slat...