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Night & Day

WED ? 24 If you missed last year’s Fearless Film Festival (coming around again next month, by the way), you can catch the prize-winning entries at a special screening at Lola’s Saloon-Sixth this evening. These inclu...

Jubilee Turns to Phyllis Cicero

The actor-director is the perfect fit for From the Mississippi Delta.
When veteran North Texas actor-director Phyllis Cicero got the assignment from Jubilee Theatre artistic director Ed Smith to direct From the Mississippi Delta, she wasn’t familiar with the autobiographical play or its aut...

Woody’s Bar Olympics

Last Call
I don’t know how it happened, but at some point last year, I started getting issues of Maxim in the mail. I swear I didn’t ask for them. I think the articles are stupid, and if I ever need to find out what a given s...

Denton Stages

Big Ticket
The theater and opera departments at UNT are both taking the stage this weekend in different parts of campus, and both of their productions offer up some entertainment options that are hard to come by in North Texas.

TBT Delivers Romeo and Juliet

Texas Ballet Theater's Bass Hall production soared.
With a string of first-class dancers on hand last weekend in Bass Performance Hall, Texas Ballet Theater presented four performances of Romeo and Juliet that included four different Romeos, three Juliets, and multiple dancers i...

The Connection to Cowtown

Last Call
I don’t know about you, but, to me, names are very important. Call me uppity, but I’d be hard pressed to see a band called Morbosity. I don’t know anything about them, but every time I read that name, my brain...

Crystal Blue Persuasion

The prolific Eyes, Wings And Many Other Things take flight.
When Colin Arnold of the Dallas psychedelic duo Eyes, Wings And Many Other Things admits that his and ex-Fort Worthian Sean French’s band “lends itself to people in a certain state of mind,” he clearly means &...

The Burning Hotels

Caroline Collier
A maelstrom of cymbals and aggressive, feverish guitars, Novels sets a hectic pace from the get-go. A chaotic feeling pervades the 37 minutes and 11 songs, but an underlying mathematical genius rules. Every note complements eve...

The Scat Plan

Last Call
I really meant to go to bed early on Monday night. Or early-ish anyway. Since I had a jam planned at The Me-Thinks World Headquarters in Haltom City, I figured I’d play some music, float home on the better part of a six-p...

Fort Worth Sings, Co-Op Shows

As first reported on Blotch (“Fort Worth Sings for Haiti Gets First Bands,” Feb. 9, 2010), The Burning Hotels, Josh Weathers and The True+Endeavors, The Orbans, and two tribute bands — Me and My Monkey (The Be...