You’ll find some changes at the sixth annual Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival. Where previous editions of the fest were partially held at the old Pier 1 Imports Building, now all but one of the events has been moved to the Heart of the Ranch at Clearfork. If you’re going to multiple things, this will certainly cut down on your travel time.

The events themselves are different, too. The festival still begins with a taco and tequila tasting followed by a huge food sampling for restaurants of all persuasions and a dessert spotlight. From there, though, the old Rise + Dine brunch has been replaced by an artisanal market with live music and a beer garden to go with the food. The outdoor cookout has been expanded as well, with grillers serving up not only traditional barbecue but also vegetables, pizza, and exotic game meats. As always, there will be a wide array of drinks to wash down all this food, and the proceeds go to scholarship funds to create the next generation of chefs. We’ll happily drink to that.

The Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival runs Thu-Sun at Heart of the Ranch at Clearfork, 5000 Clearfork Main St, FW, and Whiskey Ranch, 4250 Mitchell Blvd, FW. Tickets to individual events are $50-150.