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Bruce Wood (right) rehearses dancers in this photo at AMA.

In a Dancer’s Memory

Luke Wade headlines the New Year’s Eve celebration at Sundance Square.

Turn the Page

Night & Day

A shot from last year’s Unsilent Night event in New York. CD/FW holds it here, Fri.

Night & Day

The Southern Lights flicker in Antarctica: A Year on Ice

Four Months of Night

Jessica Taylor plays love doctor in Stolen Shakespeare Guild’s Emma.

Night & Day

TBT’s hilarious satire The Nutty Nutcracker will be part of the Nutcracker festivities this month.

Get to Crackin’

Tashina Richardson and Lindsay Harris are refugees from the apocalypse in Sundown Collaborative Theatre’s Said and Done.

Night & Day

An avalanche gets too close for comfort to a ski resort in Force Majeure, at the Modern. See Friday.

Night & Day

Connor Barth and Matt Kopec enjoy a pasta dinner in “Elf: The Musical.”

Night & Day