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Night & Day

WED ? 27 UNT Symphony Orchestra and Grand Chorus goes in for German funeral music this evening, and while that probably doesn’t fit your idea of a good time, the program consists of great choral works, namely Mozart’s Requi...

Everywhere, Signs

Some townsfolk are accusing mayoral candidate Jim Lane of cattle rustling. They say he lassoed Molly the longhorn, Cowtown’s mascot, and lifted her distinctive outline for his own campaign signs. “Please tell me why your of...

Killer or Filler?

Our critics take a listen to some North Texas discs of note.
Fort Worth Weekly Music Staff
First, we need to playfully slap Clay Wilson on the ass for not thanking “God” or “our heavenly father” or “6-pound/10-ounce baby Jesus” in the liner notes to The Clay Wilson Band’s freshly released debut full-len...

Fake Pot, Real Penalties

State and federal agencies and legislators are closing in on “herbal” highs.
Stoners like to celebrate their “national pot day” annually on April 20 — based on the notion that police in California used 4-20 as a numeric code decades ago to indicate they were busting marijuana dealers and users.

Flair Lives: Wooo!

Last Call
I could say a lot of things about my time working at Chili’s, but I did like the way the company organized its bar. For the most part, the layout maximizes efficiency, essential for those times when the flow of a busy night i...

Jody Jones and HIO

Jody Jones is back. Or at least he’s about to be. The rootsy Fort Worth singer-songwriter had been living as an actor in L.A. until the late summer of 2008, when he returned home and recorded Tragedies, Broken Hearts, and Lia...

Fiddling, Burning

Politicians are mugging while Texas’ future goes up in flames.
The lobbyist walked out of the capitol, disgustedly shaking his head. “It’s the worst session I’ve ever seen,” said the lobbyist, a former legislator of more than a decade. “Everybody over there’s scared to death.

Super: Frank’s Last Shot

This movie is not Kick-Ass. It’s an intriguing, flawed latecomer.
It’s a chestnut, but it does bear repeating: Sometimes getting there first matters most. The comic-book satire Super reaches us about a year after Kick-Ass did, and it definitely comes off looking late to the superhero costum...

Red Rides Again: Hoodwinked Too!

Here’s a long-delayed sequel to an animated film you probably forgot.
Before I saw the needlessly subtitled Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil, I watched the original Hoodwinked, the animated film that came out way back in 2005. Though I still appreciated the ingeniousness of its flashback structure, ...

A High-Priced Can of Worms

Haltom City taxpayers are footing the bill for years’ worth of secretive city-hall deals.
Haltom City has about 40,000 people and an annual budget of about $65 million. As towns go, it’s mostly modest — modest homes, modest aspirations. Those aspirations, in recent years, have included cleaning up the funky thor...