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Night & Day

WED ▪ 26 HGTV viewers will recognize Cathy Whitlock as an on-air guest on Decorating With Style, but she’ll be at UNT to talk about her work as an author of both a book and a blog devoted to art direction and costumes in po...

Healthcare Dreamin’

A one-stop affordable healthcare shop in Fort Worth? Sounds like the plot in a novel — maybe even science fiction. But AIDS Outreach Center of Fort Worth says it’s going to turn this fantasy into a reality.

TBT’s Giselle: New Heights

Texas Ballet Theater puts on ethereal but visceral production of theRomantic ballet.
Giselle, a Romantic ballet from the 1840s, travels from happiness to tragedy to a redemptive finale, leaving you moved and glowing rather than exhilarated by the end. Girl doesn’t get boy, as in many storybook ballets; rather...

Secret Ghost Champion Wins

With its heady new album, Psychosomatic Immortality, the Fort Worth quintet breaks out.
“Baby, baby, baby, baby –– that stuff is drivin’ me crazy” guest-rapper KRS-One asserts on the R.E.M. track “Radio Song,” a radio-friendly indictment of commercial radio that came out back when the internet was ju...

Bloody Monday at JPS

Budget tightening costs 35 employees their jobs.
“Everybody knew belt-tightening was coming,” said a longtime employee at John Peter Smith hospital who was let go recently. But few people expected the bloodletting at Tarrant County’s public hospital system to total 35 w...

Redneck Heaven, Garlic Bread Hell

Last Call
Every time I’m on 820 as it loops north of Haltom City, I see the sign. It says Redneck Heaven, and it applies to a gigantic bar and grill with motorcycles parked in front of it. And every time, I think, Oh, geez.

Phuss Redux

Ask anyone who goes to local shows: The Phuss is the real deal. Loud, cranking, loud, thundering, and loud, the Fort Worth/Dallas trio harks back to the raucous early-’70s fount of proto-punk but never strays too far from str...

What Will the Kids Get?

The Texas that remains after the ecological plunderers pass through may not be a thing of pride.
About 470 years ago, famed Spanish explorer Francisco Vazquez de Coronado and his men got lost in the Texas panhandle. They floundered there for three weeks.

Anonymous: Shakespeare in Lies

Crazy history can’t take down this period spy thriller.
The whole idea that Shakespeare didn’t write Shakespeare’s plays is a load of crap. I feel safe saying this, having spent a chunk of my college years studying Elizabethan theater. (Think of me what you will on that account....

Puss in Boots: Break an Egg

Though it has some laughs, this spinoff isn’t the cat’s meow.
The biggest problem with Puss in Boots is that it has come out five years too late. The feline adventurer voiced by Antonio Banderas was introduced to us in Shrek 2 back in 2004, and there’s no mystery about why he has broken...