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Blogging “Black Swan” (Part 4)

Kristian Lin
All the sexy stuff is in here, so be advised. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. • In the aftermath of yet another humiliation at Thomas’ hands, Nina sits on the floor of the rehearsal space and tries not to cry. Then she notices anothe...

Blogging “Black Swan” (Part 3)

Kristian Lin
I didn’t know how many installments there would be of this series when I started out, but now I’ve decided there will be five. Here are the links for Part 1 and Part 2. • The next morning, Nina is awake in bed loo...

Blogging “Black Swan” (Part 2)

Kristian Lin
Part 1 is here. Picking up where we left off… • So Nina is about to enter her apartment, and there’s a brief shot out in the hall as she takes a moment to steel herself before she goes in. That just says volumes about how...

Blogging “Black Swan” (Part 1)

Kristian Lin
I had a ton of thoughts about Black Swan that I couldn’t include in my review of the film. Now that it’s out on DVD this week, I thought I’d work out my all-consuming obsession with the movie in a series of blog posts to ...

Ballet Frontier: Mixed Response

Some lows tempered the highs at the Fort Worth company’s mixed repertory program.
It isn’t easy for a small school to put on a first-rate dance program. The logistics of corralling dancers, costumes, lighting, music, choreography, and rehearsing on a suitable stage are daunting, not to mention costly. Ball...

Texas Ballet Theater Mixes It Up

All dourness aside, TBT’s mixed repertoire programs had Bass Hall rocking.
Mixed repertoire programs can be a tough nut to crack. Without the unifying music and storyline of a full-length work, success depends on lining up shorter ballets that make a satisfying evening together. Texas Ballet Theater, ...

Texas Ballet Theater Turns 50

Big Ticket
It’s been a rocky road over financial and sometimes artistic potholes, but Texas Ballet Theater made it to 50 this year. Artistic director Ben Stevenson and company will celebrate the anniversary with two programs at Bass Per...

Black Swan: Danse Macabre

This ain’t The Nutcracker. Natalie Portman pirouettes into madness.
Black Swan closely observes the world of high culture, and yet its thrills are distinctly, trashily lowbrow. That’s a difficult balancing act to pull off, but this movie does it with all kinds of skill and emerges as both one...

Nutcracking Times Two

Big Ticket
Both Texas Ballet Theater and Metropolitan Classical Ballet will open their annual Nutcracker productions this weekend: TBT in Bass Performance Hall and MCB in Texas Hall on the University of Texas at Arlington campus.

Texas Ballet Theater Digs In

TBT has a new headquarters but still no live music.
It’s taken a while, but Texas Ballet Theater finally has quarters that allow it to rehearse in the same size space as the Bass Performance Hall stage, TBT’s main performing venue. The benefits were seen in season-opening pe...