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‘Phibs Screen “Medea” at the Modern

Throughout history and in every culture, the worst possible crime has always been the murder of children by their own mothers. (Dads offing their tykes, while hardly condoned, doesn’t seem to rise to that level. Even in homic...


“Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime” at The Modern

Right now we’re in that frustrating transitional phase from summer to fall that Texans know all too well: It’s still hot and humid, but Labor Day is over and the official start of autumn is less than three weeks away. It’...

helen mirren

The ‘Phibs and The Modern Present “The Audience”

If you want a lesson in how to grow older with grace and authority, look no further than the great British actress Dame Helen Mirren. The 68-year-old is one of that very select group of international performers/celebrities who ...

THIS HOUSE by Graham,

The Modern and The ‘Phibs Present “This House”

Americans like to harumph that they’re sick of the dysfunction in the U.S. Congress –– too many special interests, career ambitions, dubious backroom deals, and above all, too many elected officials who disdain consensus ...

“Collaborators” at The Modern

Jimmy Fowler
The artist as conscientious objector is a cultural meme that many of us cherish. But throughout history, there’s been no shortage of creative types who’ve traded their artistic integrity – not to mention their souls R...

National Theatre Live

Jimmy Fowler
Amphibian Productions, in conjunction with The Modern, presents the second monthly offering of National Theatre Live at 2 and 7pm today (Nov 3) in The Modern’s auditorium. Tickets are $18. National Theatre Live is the program...

British Theater Comes to the Modern

Kristian Lin
Intriguing theater news just dropped in my inbox, and it’s so fresh that the organizations involved haven’t posted it yet on their websites. The National Theatre of Great Britain will broadcasts four live performanc...