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Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers, December

Jeff Prince
In the second quarter of yesterday’s Cowboys game, announcer Joe Buck mentioned that former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre is coaching high school football in Mississippi, and showed a clip of Favre on the side...


Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants

Jeff Prince
With Thanksgiving approaching, I’ll begin Off Asides this week by expressing gratitude and sincere homage to something very dear to my heart — the high-def, big-screen TV. Your colorful palette and non-glare visage ...

(flickr photo by doug wertman)

Troy Aikman Wasn’t Best Cowboys Pick, Mike Sherrard Wasn’t Worst

Jeff Prince
Remember Mike Sherrard? Probably not. The Dallas Cowboys picked the wide receiver in the first round (No. 18) in 1986, and he started out pretty well until he broke his leg. He eventually went on to play with several other team...


Romo Gets Backhanded Compliment

Jeff Prince
  Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre says the quarterback most like him is Dallas Cowboys qb Tony Romo. Ouch. Romo idolized Favre while growing up and is probably thrilled by the compliment. But when I think ...

Hollywood Woos Bootlegger Boy Barry Switzer

Jeff Prince
Variety magazine reports that producer Molly Smith (The Blind Side and P.S. I Love You) is planning on making a movie about Barry Switzer’s life, based on his autobiography “The Bootlegger’s Boy.” It wil...

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs The Deadskins

Jeff Prince
Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman got Tony Romo to open up in an interview that aired on FOX 4 prior to yesterday’s thrilling overtime victory against the Washington Redskins. Toward the end of the conversation, Aikman...

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Patriots

Jeff Prince
Dallas Who? Cowboys What? How’s this for an off aside — Go Rangers! Ah, how the other cleat drops. Seems like only recently — Aug. 27 to be exact — a Cowboys preseason game drew fives times more TV eyes ...

Local Pop Star Wannabes Make Friday Sound Great

Jeff Prince
USA Today throws love to Rebecca Black in this feature of the teenage girl whose “Friday” video created a YouTube sensation (more than 110 million hits and counting). Most of the “sensation” surrounding ...

Hey, Jerry, Change Comes From Within

Jeff Prince
Changes are on the way, Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones hinted after his 1-7 team embarrassed themselves again on national TV last night. But he offered no specifics. And he certainly didn’t suggest t...