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For the Love of the Game

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we offer some sweet sports hilarity.
Rush Olson
Sports isn’t a groovy kind of love. It’s a passionate, scream-at-your-partner, declare-your-undying-affection-10-seconds-later, sacrifice-your-dignity-for-a-moment-of-pure-ecstasy sort of love. Basketballer Michael Jordan f...


Lon Burnam’s Valentine to LGBT Community

Eric Griffey
Love is in the air in Austin. This morning, Fort Worth State Rep. Lon Burnam gave a Valentine’s Day gift to the LGBT community. He filed HB 1300, a marriage equality bill, which would allow same-sex couples to marry in Te...


The Five Most Romantic Restaurants in Fort Worth

Chow, Baby
Tomorrow is St. Valentine’s Day, when couples celebrate their love for one another by filling the coffers of Hallmark; and single people sit alone in their one-room apartments with the blinds closed, clutching a bottle of bou...

Last Call

Super Fat Hearts

Fort Worth Weekly
February is already a short month, but it seems even shorter given that it’s crammed with promotional holidays. In the bar business, the Big Three of February represent nice opportunities to pad sales –– if a bar doesn’...

(flickr photo by andyarthur)

Valentine’s Day Opportunity To Impress Your Date

Jeff Prince
Valentine’s Day is Thursday, and what better way to swoon your sweetie than to have lunch at Avoca Coffee, stare deeply into said sweetie’s eyes, and say, “My darling, a January analysis by the state’s elect...

Love Is All Around

Big movie stars outnumber big laughs in Valentine's Day.
Even before Valentine’s Day has reached the theaters, gimlet-eyed observers are already comparing it to the 2003 British film Love Actually, both movies being scattershot omnibus comedies that tell multiple romantic stori...