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Samuel Morse’s “Gallery of the Louvre,” at Amon Carter Museum.

Old Masters in Miniature

Fort Worth Weekly
Samuel F.B. Morse is known as the inventor of the telegraph and Morse code, but before he turned his attention to science, he was a renowned portrait painter. It’s this aspect of his career that demands attention when the Amo...

James Stewart - vertigo

The Amon Carter Screens “Vertigo”

It was never a secret that Alfred Hitchcock had a less than healthy fixation on many of the young, blond, beautiful actresses that he cast as his female leads. Nevertheless, Hitchcock’s reputation as a film professional has b...

Fantasy and color combine in painterly ways in Patrick Nagatani and Andree Tracey’s “Alamogordo Blues.”

In Living Color!

Amon Carter’s new exhibit isn’t comprehensive but still says a lot.
The new exhibit at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art contains all of its color in a black box. The entrance and exit to the galleries are darkened, resembling a camera obscura or dark chamber. These contraptions were used ...


“Rear Window” at the Amon Carter

For its “Sunset Cinema” screening 8pm Thur (July 11), the Amon Carter Museum has selected one of the best films ever to watch outside on a hot summer evening: Alfred Hitchcock’s tense, methodical 1954 thriller Rear Windo...

(flickr photo by Toni Rantanen)

Cool Photos Coming Up At The Amon Carter

Jeff Prince
A couple of contrasting photography exhibits are on the spring schedule at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art. Big Pictures features works that are — you guessed it — big. The idea is to see how photos printed o...

Draw ’til Dusk at the Amon

Jimmy Fowler
If you have no artistic ability to speak of, the idea of sitting in a museum and sketching great art might sound pointless. But the act of drawing ––– concentrating the mind, eyes, and hand together –– forces you ...