TBT’s Swan Lake: Full Bloom

Madrileños Locos

On the Brink

Love Crises, Stage Surprises

A Landslide Victory for Ann



Still Stormy?

Texas Ballet Theater may be down financially, but it isn't out artistically. Last weekend's performances of Mozart's Requiem and Stormy Weather at Bass Performance...

No Country for Old People

In most live theater productions, "audience participation" is limited to measured reactions from the house, including the requisite applause after musical numbers and during...


As the audience files in before the start of Amphibian Stage Production's Gutenberg! The Musical!, the bellow of Broadway legend Ethel Merman charges out...


There’s an old maxim that, in the food chain that is the so-called Hollywood system, the craft services people rank higher than the screenwriters,...

Keyed In

Sometimes the reputation of greatness can be stifling. That's the conclusion you arrive at if you've seen other, frequently staid August Wilson productions and...


Who said that nothing's shocking anymore? Circle Theatre has prepared a spicy holiday recipe to delight and disorient audiences by taking eight attractive, enthusiastic...