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Guide to Giving

Fort Worth do-gooders, you’re in good company. The 817 has a rich history of charitable giving, largely through well-funded foundations and patrons. However, starting...

Visionary Awards Party and Rahr

About 100 people came out last Thursday to Artspace 111 for our Third Annual Visionary Awards to celebrate our 2013 class of Visionary Artists...
Benjamin Terry’s “The Crane”


Benjamin Terry’s new show at TCC Southeast Campus is made up of paintings and drawings on wood panels. The artist seems to have moved...

Enlightened by the Dark

Anyone who’s checked out conceptual artist Janet Morrow’s current show Ambiguous Belonging at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center was probably intrigued and a...


Even though he’s an independent filmmaker based in lil’ ol’ Fort Worth, Jon Keeyes is probably busier than a lot of Hollywood dudes. Along with...
Kim Cadmus Owens’ “Smoke and Mirrors: Coming and Going”


The Gallery at UTA gives us striking works by two Dallas artists this month. Allison V. Smith’s photographs of life in rural Texas are...

Avedon’s Texas?

There’s nothing uniquely Texan about Avedon in Texas, especially if we exclude the two images of gentlemen in cowboy hats, including “Cotton Thompson,” a...