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Paving the Way

A devoted cadre of mentors is helping local teens with mental health issues.
By Jackie Hoermann-Elliott
There’s a 17-year-old boy in foster care whom Jackie Davis visits almost every week. Davis is the boy’s mentor and, unquestionably, his friend. Recently, as the 31-year-old Dallas native and I sat in a plain office space ne...
Photo by Christopher Blay
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Eddie 1

On Tap in Fort Worth: Fall Brews

Edward Brown
It’s called a reset. Grocery stores and specialty shops do it twice a year, once during fall and again before summer. The idea is that consumers usually buy less session ales in December and more complex barley wines, stouts,...
photo courtesy Hutton Harris
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Sandra Wood has spend the past four months recuperating from broken bones after a fall. Photo by Jeff Prince.

Coming Home?

A Fort Worth woman fights to have her “son” returned.
Jeff Prince
When Sandra Wood saw Billy Mittell earlier this month, the mute man with Down syndrome was making a sign created by putting his fingers together to fashion what looks like a roof. It’s the sign for “home.” Mittell was tel...
Libal, shown at a protest over conditions at a federal immigrant detainee center, say private prisons must go. Courtesy Bob Libal.
Judge Pat Ferchill retires. Tarrant County
Hooters girls attended a hearing in Fort Worth this week. Photo by Jeff Prince.
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Straight Outta Irving

Movie the Band is set to release a new record and hit the road
Steve Steward
Unless you live in Irving, you probably don’t have a lot of positive thoughts to spare for it, if you spare any thoughts for it at all. In 2016, saying the city’s name brings up visions of sinkholes and anti-Muslim, redneck...
If Bridges is as committed to historical accuracy as his debut recording suggests, his next effort will be “Dance to the Music”-esque. Photo by Robert Garner
Dazey: “I didn’t really have a backup plan.” Photo by rambo.
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Feds Crater Kratom

If you thought the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency was stupid recently for leaving marijuana on the Schedule I list, then you will think the feds are downright delirious for equating kratom with heroin and crack cocaine. And, yeah...
Cover illustration by David Owens.
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What Is Lone Star Oyster Bar?

Susie Geissler
It’s a typical afternoon in southwest Fort Worth. There are jackhammers outside ripping the once quiet residential street into an open crater of busted concrete, under the guise of infrastructure improvement. In spite of the ...
Co-owner Glen Keely says that the response to Poag’s new policy has been overwhelmingly positive. Photo by Vishal Malhotra.
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Programme: Starring Nathan Brown (left), Ben Hance (center), and Landon Cabarubio (right).

Enter: Programme

Nathan Brown thinks it’s “late-’70s police investigation/chase music,” but even if you were a kid in that time period, you probably spent your fair share of boring nights lounging on the couch as Kojak knocked yet anoth...
Vanilla Ice
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Hundreds of supporters came out to Shipping and Receiving last Sunday to hear musicians from the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Photo by Lee Chastain.

Persevering for the Public

The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra musicians may be on strike, but they aren’t being silent.
Edward Brown
It definitely wasn’t Bass Hall. As cool and rocking and rolling as Shipping & Receiving is, it’s not where you’d expect to hear music of the kind regularly produced by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Well, now irre...
Liz Mikel, Justin Duncan, Aaron Green, Natalie Wilson King, and Djoré Nance suck on their Bootycandy at Stage West.
Bass Hall’s production of The Sound of Music was quite a ride.
The cast of Artes de la Rosa’s "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" sings of the glories of Madrid.
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Photo by Kayla Stigall.

Harmonious Trio

This fine dining spot is a reason to go to Colleyville.
Kristian Lin
What a joy it is to find a great restaurant in an unexpected place. The Trio New American Restaurant’s address lists it in Colleyville, though right across the street is a large sign proclaiming its own place in North Richlan...
Papaya’s street taco sampler is big on flavor and low on cost. Photo by Lee Chastain.
Jumra Kabab’s gyro plate is spiced with garlic and cinnamon. Photo by Lee Chastain.
Co-owner Demarcus Davis serves one of Taste N See’s signature chicken and waffle dishes. Photo by Lee Chastain.
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Oh, Snap

Chow, Baby
My grandparents will eat at only one restaurant. Whether it’s a special occasion or just an early evening repast, the two nonagenarians prefer the comforting mediocrity of Furr’s Cafeteria. When I was younger, the list of g...
charley's old fashioned sign
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Hollywood Round-Up

Three literary adaptations hit our multiplexes for prestige season.
Kristian Lin
Oscar season has started to get into swing with the release this week of three big Hollywood movies based on real-life stories or well-known literary properties. By far the best one to see is Queen of Katwe, which tells the sto...
Joseph Gordon-Levitt sweats out a CIA polygraph test in Snowden.
Tom Hanks deals with the aftermath of heroism in Sully.
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Sushant Singh Rajput stars in this biography of the legendary Indian cricketer, M.S. Dhoni.

Film Shorts

Kristian Lin
OPENING Author: The JT LeRoy Story (R) Jeff Feuerzeig (The Devil and Daniel Johnston) directs this documentary about the literary hoax that was exposed in 2006. (Opens Friday in Dallas) The Dressmaker (R) Kate Winslet stars in ...
From left to right, Director Ron Howard, Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr. Courtesy MPL Communications, Charlie Gray.
The Disappointments Room
A Tale of Love and Darkness
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Gallery Night Sums

There was more art than could be humanly digested, but our critic tried.
By Christopher Blay
I’ve really been drawn to the paintings of one particular artist lately. Erika Duque. I had a studio visit with her a few months ago before the Transmissions group show at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, and I’ve seen her pai...
Hundreds of supporters came out to Shipping and Receiving last Sunday to hear musicians from the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Photo by Lee Chastain.
Don’t believe everything you read, our author says. Photo by Brianna Kessler.
Liz Mikel, Justin Duncan, Aaron Green, Natalie Wilson King, and Djoré Nance suck on their Bootycandy at Stage West.
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Lupita Murillo Tinnen’s “Luis” and “Leticia”


Fort Worth Weekly
In a year when a presidential candidate has built his campaign on hatred of immigrants, TCU is holding a show that spotlights immigrant laborers. Lupita Murillo Tinnen shoots posed photographs of them and provides text and maps...
Rob Rhee’s “Occupation of Uninhabited Space CLANG CLANG AWKK”
Trish Biddle’s “Fort Worth Style”
Britt Stokes’ “Tunes”
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Phantom Sensation’s Blackgrass Express

Fort Worth Weekly
Phantom Sensation Blackgrass Express (Self-released)   By the end of Blackgrass Express, the debut album by the Fort Worth-by-way-of-Burleson husband-and-wife folk outfit Phantom Sensation, you can tell their songwriting h...