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Northern Rising

Turbid North is back, with a more diverse sound.
Steve Steward
The last time I interviewed Turbid North, the Alaskan-born, Texas-based death metal band, was on a brief break from touring in support of Orogeny, a full-length album released on a notable indie metal label called Ironclad Reco...
Photos by Vishal Malhotra
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Eddie feature

On Tap in Fort Worth: Wild Acre Brewing Company

Edward Brown
A lot of folks would love to open their own brewery. Sure, they may be seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. I’ve talked to enough brewery founders (all of the local ones anyway) enough to know that there’s a mount...
Keegan McInroe
Napolitano feature
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Attorney Casey J. Cole is offering to represent 420 first-time offenders for free in Tarrant County. Photo courtesy of Casey J. Cole.

420 Law

First-time offender? Fort Worth lawyer Casey J. Cole’s got your back. For free.
Jeff Prince
If you’ve ever thought about smoking weed in public for the first time, now’s your chance. You might be arrested for possession, but at least you’ll have free legal representation. Attorney Casey J. Cole is offering to re...
Tom "Smitty" Smith wants a better air-quality plan in Texas. Photo by Jeff Prince.
(L-R) Duane Dimos, David Nygren and Kenneth Reifsnider.
Wilbur and Babby loved the backyard slop. The neighbors? Not so much. Photo by Ryan Grounds.
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Northern Rising

Turbid North is back, with a more diverse sound.
Steve Steward
The last time I interviewed Turbid North, the Alaskan-born, Texas-based death metal band, was on a brief break from touring in support of Orogeny, a full-length album released on a notable indie metal label called Ironclad Reco...
Collider Scope
Solo Lucci. Courtesy of Solo Lucci
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Coughing Between the Lines

In last week’s Metropolis story (“Big Brown, Big Bad,” Feb. 3), we described how local residents attended a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality public hearing in Arlington recently and laid down the law. They believ...
Sasha Camacho points to designs for a Hooters slated for downtown Fort Worth. Photo by Brian Hutson.
Photo by State Rep. Ramon Romero
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Drinking the ’Burbs

Steve Steward
The Suburbs is the only Arcade Fire album I’ve ever wanted to like, because I am fascinated by the way suburbs help shape people as they grow up and grow old. When you’re a kid, you think they’re boring. But later, after ...
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GRO: Country or Rock? Does It Matter?

Is Green River Ordinance getting screwed? But maybe getting screwed means you’ve finally arrived. (Maybe?) Here’s the truth. Radio country sucks. It’s just as bad as pop-metal and ghetto-fabulous (c)rap. Genre music –...
Fort Worth soul shakers Feletha Black will be among the headliners of Women for Women on February 27 at Lola's Saloon.
Look who's smiling now? (courtesy Twitter)
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Wendy Welch and Bob Hess plumb the mysteries of this book and their marriage in Stage West’s Sexy Laundry.

Strange Odors

Stage West’s marriage comedy Sexy Laundry is as sharp as old clothes.
Kristian Lin
My other duties at this publication have kept me away from reviewing theater for a while, but I got back on that horse this past weekend with Stage West’s Sexy Laundry, which is among the first Fort Worth productions of 2016....
Dracula is easily one of TBT’s most popular productions. And for good reason.
A troupe of actors looks to protect their talent after the apocalypse in Stage West’s Mr. Burns, a post-electric play.
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Twelve Stones’ pot de créme is a delicately caramel-flavored pudding with crystals of sea salt.  Photo courtesy of 12 Stones.

A Stone’s Throw

Twelve Stones aspires to greatness and comes quite close.
Laurie James
You have to admire a second-career chef  –– someone who loves food so much that he would ditch a successful IT career for the grueling pace of running a kitchen. Twelve Stones’ chef-owner David Burdick went to culinary s...
The sweet tea chicken had a pleasant, herbal flavor. Photo by Vishal Malhotra.
There’s not a deli in Fort Worth that makes a better Reuben than Varsity Tavern. Photo by Lee Chastain.
The Dive’s Roc-A-Fella oysters were sweet and tender. Photo by Kayla Stigall.
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Native Grub

Chow, Baby
I’ve driven by Las Pericas (915 E. Northside Dr., 817-332-5997) 1,000 times and thought, “That is probably right up my alley.” The small, boxy taqueria looks the part of an inviting dive gem. Finally, after my 1,001st dri...
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Ryan Reynolds strikes a pose after killing a bunch of bad guys in Deadpool.

Meta Man

A superhero mask conceals a foul mouth in the hilarious Deadpool.
Kristian Lin
With Deadpool, the Marvel Comics movies definitively burst into their decadent phase. Other superhero films (including some of Marvel’s) have riffed comically about the absurdities of stories and movies involving superheroes,...
Charlotte Rampling tries to make sense of her married life in "45 Years."
Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer fall hard in The Choice.
The 1973 Cotton Bowl halftime show is among the artifacts held by Texas Archive of the Moving Image.
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"Where to Invade Next" opens Friday in Dallas.

Film Shorts

Kristian Lin
Opening Where to Invade Next (R) Michael Moore’s latest documentary has him invading other countries looking for answers to America’s social problems. (Opens Friday in Dallas) Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong (NR) Jamie Chung ...
Anomalisa Re-opens Friday at AMC Grapevine Mills.
Jane Got a Gun opens Friday.
Ip Man 3 opens Friday at AMC Grapevine Mills.
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For the Love of the Game

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we offer some sweet sports hilarity.
Rush Olson
Sports isn’t a groovy kind of love. It’s a passionate, scream-at-your-partner, declare-your-undying-affection-10-seconds-later, sacrifice-your-dignity-for-a-moment-of-pure-ecstasy sort of love. Basketballer Michael Jordan f...
Courtesy of Young Nudists of Texas United
Visionary Call for Artist
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Bernardo Vallarino’s “Between Dying and Death”


Fort Worth Weekly
An exhibit at the Rose Marine Theater that’s called Between Dying and Death? It sounds like something more appropriate for Día de los Muertos. Then again, Death never takes a holiday, and Bernardo Vallarino’s sculptural in...
Harlan W. Butt’s “Grand Canyon Vessel”
Harmony Padgett’s “Smolder”
Conrad Felixmüller’s “Selbstbildnis”